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Recently updated packages

Package Version Description Updated
dartgl 0.0.10 You can easily call native OpenGL functions from Dart. OpenGL core profile and ARB extension interfaces are supported. Jul 23, 2014
flare 0.0.3 Flare is a set of Barback transformers that collectively implement a versatile content generation system. Jul 23, 2014
ripple_rest 0.6.0+1 A wrapper around the Ripple REST API. Jul 23, 2014
serialization 0.9.1+1 Provide a serialization facility for Dart objects. Jul 23, 2014
chess 0.6.2 A port of chess.js to Dart. chess.dart is a library for legal chess move generation, maintenance of chess game state, and conversion to and from the formats FEN and PGN. Jul 23, 2014
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