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Package Version Description Updated
googleapis_beta 0.28.0 Auto-generated client libraries for accessing the following APIs:adexchangebuyer2:v2beta1, appengine:v1beta4, appengine:v1beta5, autoscaler:v1beta2, clouderrorreporting:v1beta1, cloudmonitoring:v2beta Jun 27, 2016
googleapis 0.29.0 Auto-generated client libraries for accessing the following APIs:acceleratedmobilepageurl:v1, adexchangebuyer:v1.3, adexchangebuyer:v1.4, adexchangeseller:v1.1, adexchangeseller:v2.0, admin:datatransf Jun 27, 2016
angel_framework 1.0.0-dev+4pub Core libraries for the Angel framework. Jun 24, 2016
dartins 0.0.3 Cordova plugin definitions for use in Dart projects Jun 26, 2016
leafletjs 0.0.0+1 Leaflet.js wrapper for Dart Jun 26, 2016
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