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Recently updated packages

Package Version Description Updated
new_bridge 0.3.0 Convenient installer for Bridge apps Jul 6, 2015
googleapis_beta 0.15.2 Auto-generated client libraries for accessing the following APIs:autoscaler:v1beta2, cloudmonitoring:v2beta2, container:v1beta1, datastore:v1beta2, deploymentmanager:v2beta1, dns:v1beta1, genomics:v1b Jul 6, 2015
googleapis 0.12.1 Auto-generated client libraries for accessing the following APIs:adexchangebuyer:v1.3, adexchangeseller:v1.1, adexchangeseller:v2.0, admin:directory_v1, admin:email_migration_v2, admin:reports_v1, ads Jul 6, 2015
bridge 0.4.2 Extensible end-to-end framework Jun 10, 2015
yomp_db 0.9.1 Yomp DB - pure DART implementation of database with graph querying and replication support. Stores data in IndexedDB or in memory. Jul 6, 2015
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