An easily-extensible web server framework in Dart.




I come from Node development, usually with Express and FeathersJS. When I started learning Dart, I fell in love with it and the huge potential it has on the client-side. But I did feel that server-side was lacking.

The goal of Angel is to present a server environment navigable to JavaScript pilgrims, but also powerful enough to build robust JSON API's in little time. Another focus is to make Angel extremely extensible, and thus most of the most common business logic is shipped as its own separate Angel plugin.

In my opinion, it makes no sense that today's frontend tools have no real sense of integration with backend tools, at least in JavaScript, where there are a trillion of each. With the right server framework in Dart, we can build full-stack apps that breathe and function as one single body, rather than as two segregated, monolithic units.

Tally ho!


The base of Angel is just about done, but it still needs more unit tests before it is ready for production.

If you'd like to contribute, feel free to read the docs (as well as though generated by dartdoc), and then clone the repo. I plan to eventually integrate Angel with Travis, so we can merge pull requests faster.

Thanks for using Angel

Thank you for using this library. I hope you like it. I have put months of effort into Angel.

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