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Angel middleware to forward requests to another server (i.e. pub serve).

import 'package:angel_proxy/angel_proxy.dart';
import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;

main() async {
  // ...
  var client = new http.Client();
  var proxy = new Proxy(app, client, 'http://localhost:3000');
  // Forward requests instead of serving statically

You can also restrict the proxy to serving only from a specific root:

new Proxy(app, client, '<host>', publicPath: '/remote');

Also, you can map requests to a root path on the remote server

new Proxy(app, client, '<host>', mapTo: '/path');

If your app's storeOriginalBuffer is true, then request bodies will be forwarded as well, if they are not empty. This allows things like POST requests to function.