Preview Release

These are the AngularDart components that Google uses to build many of its web applications.

These components are a productive and stable set of widgets, contributed to by hundreds of Googlers. Being able to debug your apps across all layers in Dart, supporting tree shaking for minimal code size, and strict latency policies make them an excellent fit for AngularDart projects.

Only a small fragment of all the components is available right now. We want developers to have an opportunity to play around with the package as soon as possible.

  • <glyph>
  • <material-button>
  • <material-fab>
  • <material-checkbox>
  • <material-chip>
  • <material-expansionpanel>
  • <material-progress>
  • <material-radio>
  • <material-ripple>
  • <material-spinner>
  • <material-tab>
  • <material-toggle>
  • <material-yes-no-buttons>
  • <reorder-list>
  • <acx-scorecard>
  • <material-input>
  • <material-dialog>
  • <material-popup>
  • <material-tooltip>
  • <material-list>
  • <material-select>
  • <material-tree>
  • <material-auto-suggest-input>
  • <material-date-range-picker>
  • <material-menu>
  • many more, including a fast table

At this time we are not taking pull requests but please file an issue and we will work with you.

Officially Supported Browsers: The last two versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

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Custom Component Styles

Get access to the core Material Design SASS files used to style these components by copying them and importing lib/src/css/_mixins.scss in your SASS files.

NOTE: These .scss files are not used during the build step but we are planning to add this support. See issue #45.