BWU Dart Archive Downloader

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BWU Dart Archive Downloader makes it easy to download files like API docs, Dartium or content-shell, Dartium for Android APK, Dart Eclipse plugin, or the Dart SDK from
Its main purpose is to make maintenance tasks and automatic setup for continuous integration (CI) as easy as possible.

Activate the command line tool

To activate the command line tool globally use this command:

pub global activate bwu_dart_archive_downloader

Now you can call the command line tool using

pub global run bwu_dart_archive_downloader:darc ...

or if you have added the ~/.pub-cache/bin directory to the PATH environment variable just:


Example 1

Download Dart SDK 1.5.2 from the command line:

darc down -v1.5.2

downloads to the curent working directory. Linux x64 is derived from my operating system, but can also be specified by a parameter.
If you omit the -v... parameter the latest version is downloaded.

Example 2

Download chromedriver 1.5.2 from the command line:

darc down -adartium -fchromedriver -o_output -v1.5.2 -cstable/release  -e -dxxx -t_extract

This results in two subdirectories in the current working directory

  • _output
  • _extract

_output is the directory where the downloaded file is stored because of the -o parameter.
_extract is where the content of the ZIP file is extracted to as specified by the -t parameter.
Because we passed -dxxx, the content (chromedriver-lucid64-full-stable-37942.0 from was extracted as _extract/xxx which now contains the file chromedriver.
-cstable/release can be omitted because it is the default, but it shows how to select a specific channel.

Example 3

Download a file from latest using the API:

import 'dart:io' as io;
import 'package:bwu_dart_archive_downloader/bwu_dart_archive_downloader.dart';

main() async {
  // create an instance of the downloader and specify the download directory.
  final downloader = new DartArchiveDownloader(new io.Directory('temp'));

  // specify the file to download
  final file = new DartiumFile.contentShellZip(
      Platform.getFromSystemPlatform(prefer64bit: true));

  // build the uri for the download file.
  final uri =

  // start the download
  await downloader.downloadFile(uri);

Example 4

Download a file from a specific release using the API:

final channel = DownloadChannel.stableRelease;
final downloader =
    new DartArchiveDownloader(new io.Directory('temp/install'));
final version =
    await downloader.findVersion(channel, new Version.parse('1.2.0'));
final uri = await channel.getUri(new SdkFile.dartSdk(
    Platform.getFromSystemPlatform(prefer64bit: true)), version: version);
final file = await downloader.downloadFile(uri);

The dart_update library provides functions to extract the downloaded archive.