charted.selection library


EnterSelection is a sub-selection that represents missing elements of a selection - an element is considered missing when there is data and no corresponding element in a selection.
Selection is a collection of elements - this collection defines operators that can be applied on all elements of the collection. [...]
SelectionScope represents a scope for all the data and DOM operations.


toCallback<T>(T val) SelectionCallback<T>
Create a ChartedCallback that always returns val
toValueAccessor(dynamic val) SelectionValueAccessor
Create a ChartedValueAccessor that always returns val


SelectionCallback<E>(dynamic datum, int index, Element element) → E
Callback for all DOM related operations - The first parameter datum is the piece of data associated with the node, ei is the index of the element in it's group and c is the context to which the data is associated to.
SelectionKeyFunction(dynamic datum) → dynamic
Callback to access key value from a given data object. During the process of binding data to Elements, the key values are used to match Elements that have previously bound data
SelectionValueAccessor<E>(dynamic datum, int index) → E
Callback used to access a value from a datum