Note: If you're looking the source code for Crossdart Chrome Extension, it's there:

Analyzes source code of a given project, and emits one of the following:

  • HTML pages with hyperlinked source code of the project.
  • JSON file with the analysis data.
  • Github version of the JSON file with the analysis data (for Crossdart Chrome Extension)


Install it via pub global activate crossdart.


Run it as pub global run crossdart.

Required arguments:

  • --input - path to your project
  • --dart-sdk - path to Dart SDK

Optional arguments:

  • --output - where to place the output (HTML or JSON). Will be the same as --input if omitted.
  • --hosted-url - URL of Crossdart's site. by default.
  • --url-path-prefix - path prefix on the Crossdart's site. p by default.
  • --output-format - output format. Could be github, html or json. github by default.


$ pub global run crossdart --input=/home/john/my_dart_project --dart-sdk=/usr/lib/dart
$ pub global run crossdart --input=/home/john/my_dart_project --dart-sdk=/usr/lib/dart --output=/home/john/crossdart-output --output-format=html


Please use Github's bug tracker for bugs. Pull Requests are welcome.