dartodef is a transformer (preprocessor) for pub build which replaces variable values on compile-time. The values can be defined in the pubspec.yaml. For different environment values create a property in the transformer options for dartodef and pass the name of the property as environment variable to the

## Setup dartodef


name: dartodef_sample_setup version: 0.1.0 dependencies: browser: any js: any dartodef: any transformers:

  • dartodef: live: environment: 'live' doIt: true preview: environment: 'preview' doIt: false

**main.dart** (for example)

library sample_app;

import 'package:dartodef/dartodef.dart';

@Definition(name:'environment') const String ENV = 'development';

class Test { @Definition(name:'doIt') static bool done = false; }

Running pub build now:

DARTODEF=live pub build

If no environment is set the default values will be used.

## Available types

... transformers:

  • dartodef: live: string: hallo other_string: "hallo test" int: 1 num: 1 double: 1.1 bool: true list: 1, 2, "simple", 1.1, true map: key: "value" key2: 1

Only simple types can be used. Lists and maps will be serialized.

## What you need to know

- always import dartodef as it is. DO NOT USE "as"
- only variables that are already initialized can be used. And the initialization needs to match the type (for example mapping on string when code looks like: "String variable = null;" failes)
- use const if you want to make sure that dead is removed

## Plans for the future

- load values for each environment from dart scripts or other external files (JSON, YAML)

### How to run tests

DARTODEF=test pub serve --port=4444 test/ pub run test --pub-serve=4444