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dartsicord is a Dart library intending to provide partial to full functionality of Discord's API. This library started out as a fun project, but it has become a serious project that I'd like to finish. This library is not at a stable state quite yet, but I'd love for you to give it a try and throw some issues at my face so I can catch them and fix them.

This library does not support voice. It may in the future, but this is a low-priority feature.


dartsicord intends to be a simple, lightweight, efficient Discord library for building basic to large bots. There's no fuss over basic things you need to get done. The library simplifies the API quite a bit.


Issues are good! I hope you find some. I'd be more than happy to fix them. Just use the Issues tab (which I regularly maintain) and put your words and issues there.


A simple ping-pong bot can be located in the example directory, or can be found here.

import "package:dartsicord/dartsicord.dart";

void main() {
    final client = new DiscordClient();

    client.onMessage.listen((event) async {
        if (event.message.content.toLowerCase() == "ping")
            await event.message.reply("pong");


Making a big bot

So you're writing a big bot with dartsicord... First off, good luck, have fun. Second off, might want to consider taking a look at my Discord Bots List API library for Dart, dbldart.

If you are writing a cool bot with my library, let me know on Discord in the dartsicord server, or email me at vox@voximity.net.


Feel free to fork and contribute. Try to keep my style of code, or else I might get mad. That means double quotes and decent organization. I'll still probably fix any consistency issues after you've made a pull request.

If you are too worried you'll break something, that's alright! I'm looking for those who would write unit tests (in the test directory) and more examples (in the example directory). I'm open to anything!