dawo 0.0.1

Learning Dart simple basic data for beginners, and howTo use it for building a package. Beginner Dart programmers kickoff to develop a glorious package..



Collect people together, let they present ideas, collect best ideas to files and try to group them meaningfully. DO NOT build many classes in this phase, for to keep your mind open for intuitive solutions. Leave room and time to resolve, what will be the direction of this package. Practise to use Dawo by finding it's keywords in editor.

First dawo version seems to be a mess, and, yes, it is intentional so. dawo 0.0.1 shows starter programmers confusion, and records way and steps out of this mess to clarity and understanding.

0.0.1 demonstrates how data is messy, when it is not inside classes. Check for pollution of public namespace!!

0.0.2 version is meant to weed out the material and create a couple of classes. 0.0.3 might be for building first control-flow structures to really use this app.

0.0 x
0.0 x Basic idea and orientation of package to resolve. 0.0 x Incubator idea: -move first too big parts to independent packages. Maybe chore and team


aldente_func : Simple functions, including some logical errors. Find them! bat_loop : control structures. dawlib_phase : idea of keeping some of this stuff inside of "mini-library".

dawlib_chore : start of bigger "job" / "chore" for real-world-work. This should quite soon to be moved to it's own library, co's it will grow too big and important. dawlib_base : dawlib_coll : examples and hacking material of collections. dawlib_stream : examples of simple Streams. dawo.dart : dawo_app : dawoApp class dawo_dew : small helper functions for cl (command line) testing. dawo_src file created by stagehand plugin app dawo_tools : helper tools, stamps aso.

A simple usage example:

import 'package:dawo/dawo.dart';

var dawoApp = new DawoApp();
//  var da = new DawoApp();  //  shorter way
da. xxx                      //  play with variables

var dd = new DawoDev();
dd. xxx

main() {
  var awesome = new Awesome();

About variable names in Dawo

Play in IDE editor with alphabet: a..z to see, what variables are available. See how common namespace is polluted with unnecessary stuff, and try to find a way, to organize them to meaningful classes.

Like: bLib

morn, night, day

make, init, blake


sleep(), start() stop() render()

ride() roll()

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


AlDente-functions in dawo [...]
Some useful copy-paste stuff for learning simple functions. GOAL: find common, reusable elements for control-flow, and develop names, and ideas- In GitHub, for to be able to modify while on-The-Road. [...]
Chore for organizing work flow. [...]
dawo : some simple collection data [...]
Dart Streams [...]
Copyright (c) 2017, Heikki K Lappalainen. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file. [...]
App class [...]
Dev & team [...]
Home of dawo libraries [...]
Some helper tools [...]