A Discord Bot List API binding for Dart

dbldart is a simple Discord Bot List API binding for Dart. It supports statistic updating, resource information fetching, and webhook vote monitoring. It is designed to be easy-to-use and easy to implement.


Add the library to your pubspec.yaml.

Initializing a bot instance

You can specify a token...

DblBot dbl = new DblBot("<your dbl token goes here>");

or not...

DblBot dbl = new DblBot();

Not specifying a token will only grant access to API methods that don't require authorization.

Updating bot stats

You can update stats with a server count number...


or update them with an array of counts representing shards...

dbl.updateShardsStats(myBot.shards.map((s) => s.guilds.length));

Setting up webhooks to handle voting

Just create the webhook within the bot instance...

await dbl.webhook.create(12345, "my password");

dbl.webhook.onUserVote.listen((vote) {
	print("user with id ${vote.userId} voted!")

and register the address on DBL accordingly. In this instance, http://yourip:12345 and set the password to my password.

Getting resource information

You can get bot information...

Bot dblBot = dbl.getBot(myBot.currentUser.id);

or get user information...

User dblUser = dbl.getUser(80047598504783872);

Making widgets

You can make a big widget...

LargeWidget widget = new LargeWidget(myBot.id);
String url = widget.uri.toString();

or a small widget...

SmallWidget widget = new SmallWidget(myBot.id, SmallWidgetType.upvotes);
String url = widget.uri.toString();