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This projet is a copy of the DolphinSR algorithm from Yodaiken which was written in Javascript. I need something like that in DART ... so I'm translating it. Link to original library

(Following is from the original module)

DolphinSR implements spaced repetition in Dart. Specifically, it uses Anki's modifications to the SM2 algorithm including:

  • an initial mode for learning new cards
  • a mode for re-learning cards after forgetting them
  • reducing the number of self-assigned ratings from 6 to 4
  • factoring lateness into card scheduling
  • Anki's default configuration options

While DolphinSR is intentionally very similar to Anki's algorithm, it does deviate in a few ways:

  • improved support for adding reviews out of order (for example, due to network latency)
  • very different internal data structures (DolphinSR is largely written in a functional style to make testing and debugging easier, and does not rely on storing computed data or any SQL database)
  • only one kind of card


Add that to your pubspec.yaml

 dolphinsr_dart: "^1.0.0"

Quick Start

See example/main.dart

List<Combination> thaiCombination = [
    Combination([0], [1]),
    Combination([1], [0]),
  List<Master> masters = [];
  masters.add(Master(1, ['คน', 'person'], thaiCombination));
  masters.add(Master(2, ['คบ', 'To date'], thaiCombination));

  List<Review> reviews = [];

  DolphinSR dolphin = new DolphinSR();


  var stats =
      dolphin.summary(); // => { due: 0, later: 0, learning: 2, overdue: 0 }

  Card card = dolphin.nextCard();
  Review review =
      Review(card.master, card.combination,, Rating.Easy);

  card = dolphin.nextCard();