Flutter Counter (iOS & Android)


Flutter Counter is a plugin written in dart for flutter which is really simple and customizeable. Create it like any other widget, add params according to your need and presto! You have got the highly customizeable counter with callbacks. Zero boilerplate!

Getting Started

Create this widget as you do with other widgets

  initialValue: _defaultValue,
  minValue: 0,
  maxValue: 10,
  step: 0.5,
  decimalPlaces: 1,
  onChanged: (value) { // get the latest value from here
    setState(() {
      _defaultValue = value;

Constructor Options

There are some required values and other are for the customization

  @required num initialValue    // default value
  @required this.minValue       // minimum value
  @required this.maxValue       // maximum value
  @required this.onChanged      // callback
  @required this.decimalPlaces  // decimal places you want to show the value of
  this.color                    // color of the buttons
  this.textStyle                // text style which displays the value
  this.step = 1                 // step you want to set to change value
  this.buttonSize = 25          // if you want to change size of button

Beautify your widget with provided customization. You can also change color and size of both buttons and text. Very simple to implement and looks awesome. You can find more details in sample app.

Contributions and Licence

Pull requests are welcome! The best contributions will consist of substitutions or configurations for classes/methods known to block the main thread during a typical app lifecycle.

I would love to know if you are using Counter in your app, send an email to [Salmaan Ahmed](mailto:salmaan.ahmed@hotmail.com)




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