pub package

Share email content via device Email Client - supports multiple Attachments

Simple & quick plugin for cross application data sharing of email fields in mobile development.

Flutter Mailer example app


  • x android
  • x ios - work in progress.

Getting Started

Add to your pubspec dependencies, like so:

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_mailer: ^0.3.0

Instantiate mail options as follows:

    final MailOptions mailOptions = MailOptions(
      body: 'a long body for the email <br> with a subset of HTML',
      subject: 'the Email Subject',
      recipients: ['example@example.com'],
      isHTML: true,
      bccRecipients: ['other@example.com'],
      ccRecipients: ['third@example.com'],
      attachments: [ 'path/to/image.png', ],

    await FlutterMailer.send(mailOptions);

note gmail and other apps Might parse HTML out of the body.

For help getting started with Flutter, view official online documentation.

For help on editing plugin code, view the documentation.

based off of react-native-mail