Fluwx makes easier using WeChatSDK on Flutter.


Before usingFluwx,I highly recommond you read this article, this'll help you。

What does Fluwx support?

  • Share Text.
  • Share WebPage.
  • Share Image.
  • Share Music.
  • Share Video.
  • Share MiniProgram.
  • Send Auth(Login).
  • Pay.

Tech Used In Fluwx

For Android,kotlin-1.2.60 is included:

    api 'com.tencent.mm.opensdk:wechat-sdk-android-with-mta:5.1.4'
    implementation 'org.jetbrains.kotlinx:kotlinx-coroutines-core:0.24.0'
    implementation 'org.jetbrains.kotlinx:kotlinx-coroutines-android:0.24.0'
    implementation 'top.zibin:Luban:1.1.8'
    implementation 'com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:3.11.0'

For iOS:

    s.dependency 'WechatOpenSDK','~> 1.8.2'

For Flutter:
Flutter 0.8.2 • channel beta • https://github.com/flutter/flutter.git
Framework • revision 5ab9e70727 (11 days ago) • 2018-09-07 12:33:05 -0700
Engine • revision 58a1894a1c
Tools • Dart 2.1.0-dev.3.1.flutter-760a9690c2


add the following in your pubspec.yaml file:

  fluwx: ^0.1.7

Init Fluwx

Before usingFluwx,you should init FLuwx

    Fluwx.register(appId:"wxd930ea5d5a258f4f",doOnAndroid: true,doOnIOS: true,enableMTA: false);
  • appId:the appId you applied from WeChat.
  • doOnAndroid:whether init for Android.
  • doOnIOS:whether init for iOS Each param isn't necessary.However,if appIdis blank, or doOnAndroid: false, or doOnIOS: false,you must register your WXApi on the particular platform in order to ensure Fluwx can work. After tha,add the following code before using Fluwx on the particular platform: For Android:

For iOS:

isWeChatRegistered = YES;

NOTE:Although we can register WXApi via Fluwx,but there's still some work you have to do on the particular platform.For example, creat a WXEntryActivity for android and add a URLSchema for iOS.




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Fluwx is a powerful plugin for WeChatSDK. easy to use. [...]