Getting Started

What is this project about?

It is a helper executable that issues commands for GMusic Proxy


If you use MPD as your music player, but also have access to Google Play Music, this is for you!

It allows you to download m3u playlists from Google Play Music and play them as a stream from any MPD client (such as ncmpcpp).


Install the executable using:

$ pub global activate gmusic_proxy_helper


IMPORTANT You need Google Play Music All Access to use this

Make sure you have GMusic Proxy configured and running.

$ gph --help

Will give you all the options.

Fetch all your stations

# gph stations > /path/to/outputDirectory
$ gph stations > ~/.config/mpd/playlists

Get a new station from artist name

# gph station -a artistName > /path/to/playlist
$ gph station -a metallica > ~/.config/mpd/playlists/metallica.m3u

Get a new station from song title

# gph station -s songName > /path/to/playlist
$ gph station -s enter sandman > ~/.config/mpd/playlists/enter_sandman.m3u

Get an artist's discography (from Artist name)

# gph discography artistName /path/to/outputDirectory
$ gph discography "Liquid Tension Experiment" ~/.config/mpd/playlists

Note that it'll eventually be possible to configure the playlists directory.