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A package:http client that can mock server responses.


Instead of sending requests over a network, the MockClient class is also a server in itself. It uses the cross-platform angel_route library to provide you with a routing solution that supports path parameters and middleware out-of-the-box.

All your handlers just need to accept a MockHttpContext. If they return true, then other handlers will be allowed to run (effectively accomplishing a middleware concept). Otherwise, the return value will be processed.

You can return:

  • a Response or StreamedResponse
  • null or nothing - do not write anything else to the server
  • Anything else - will be serialized via JSON.encode
var client = new http.MockClient();

  ..get('/hello/:name', (http.MockHttpContext ctx) {
    // Return a plain response
    return new http.Response('Hello, ${ctx.request.params["name"]}!', 200);
  ..all('*', (http.MockHttpContext ctx) {
    return new http.Response('404 Not Found', 404);

// And then, in a test...
var response = await client.get('/hello/world');
expect(response.body, 'Hello, world!');