intl_standalone library

This provides facilities for Internationalization that are only available when running standalone. You should import only one of this or intl_browser.dart. Right now the only thing provided here is finding the operating system locale.


findSystemLocale() Future<String>
Find the system locale, accessed via the appropriate system APIs, and set it as the default for internationalization operations in the Intl.systemLocale variable. To find it, we check the "LANG" environment variable on *nix, use the "systeminfo" command on Windows, and on the Mac check the environment variable "LANG", and if it's not found, use "defaults read -g AppleLocale". This is not an ideal way of getting a single system locale, even if that concept really made sense, but it's a reasonable first approximation that's not too difficult to get. If it can't find the locale information, it will not modify Intl.systemLocale and the Future will complete with null.