The intl_helper provides an easy way to use intl_translation package that can generate batch file automatically and scan all the usage of Intl.message() to find out duplicate resources.

Install intl_helper

pub global activate intl_helper

How to use

pub global run intl_helper


  • -a, --arb-output (default: arb)
  • -i, --intl-output (default: lib/intl)

There are two batch files will be generated after command executed: ih_intl_extract and ih_intl_generate.

Generate arb file

After you run the ih_intl_extract batch file, the arb file will be generated (in project/arb directory by default).

Generate messages library

You have to put your arb file path in ih_intl_generate first and then execute that. If you need translate arb, see the session Extracting And Using Translated Messages of Intl package.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.