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JWT utilities for Dart and Jaguar.dart


Issuing JWT token

  final key = 'dfsdffasdfdgdfgdfg456456456';
  final claimSet = new JwtClaim(
      subject: 'kleak',
      issuer: 'teja',
      audience: <String>['', ''],
      payload: {'k': 'v'});
  String token = issueJwtHS256(claimSet, key);

Decoding JWT token

  final JwtClaim decClaimSet = verifyJwtHS256Signature(token, key);

Validating JWT token

  decClaimSet.validate(issuer: 'teja', audience: '');



JwtClaimSet is the model to holds JWT claim set information. To issue a JWT token, it needs:

  1. issuer
    Authority issuing the token. This will be used during authorization to verify that expected issuer has issued the token. Fills the iss field of the JWT token.
  2. Subject
    Subject of the JWT token. Usually stores the user ID of the user to which the token is issued. Fills the sub field of the JWT token.
  3. audience
    List of audience that accept this token. This will be used during authorization to verify that JWT token has expected audience for the service. Fills aud field in JWT token.
  4. expiry
    Time at which the token expires. Fills exp field in JWT token.
  5. jwtId
    Unique identifier across services that identifies the token. Fills jti field in JWT token.


JWT support for Jaguar.dart web server