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landgrab is a board game and AI platform with multiple interfaces for playing.

Provided interfaces are a CLI app, a web app, and mobile apps. AIs can be compared through all interfaces.

The rules of the game are:

  • Each player has n = 5 pieces on a 2n + 1 by 2n + 1 board represented as a grid.
  • Each piece has 3 life and does 1 damage initially. Both of these are increased by one when a piece levels up.
  • Each player can optionally move any of their pieces one space in the 8 cardinal directions on the grid per turn.
  • Collisions between pieces cause units to damage all contacting enemy units equal to their damage attribute.
  • Pieces are removed from the board, or destroyed, if they have taken damage greater than or equal to their life attribute.
  • Pieces gain a level when they participate in destroying another piece, allowing their damage and life to be boosted by a fixed amount.
  • Players with no pieces at the end of a turn lose.
  • Each player has 30 seconds to make a move each turn.


Run make to build all interfaces. More specifically:

  • make run_cli: Builds the CLI app.
  • make run_web: Builds the web app.
  • make mobile: Builds the mobile apps.



Run tests with sh run_tests.sh. Pass the --bench flag to also run benchmarks.


Run the CLI with landgrab_run_cli after running make run_cli. Accepted flags are:

  • --wait: Prompt the user to press enter before the next turn. Defaults to true.
  • --player1: Don't prompt the user for a player one and use this instead.
  • --player2: Don't prompt the user for a player two and use this instead.

Run the web application with landgrab_run_web after running make run_web. Accepted flags are:

  • --host:
  • --port: