A simple Dart development server that serves a web app, automatically refreshes on changes, and is compatible with single page apllications (SPA) that utilize the history API. uses Dart 1.x SDK to generate docs and fails to build, so I need to build the docs myself.


This package runs pub run build_runner serve under the hood. So, package: build_runner needs to be installed along with this package.

Edit your pubspec.yaml

  build_runner: ^0.7.13
  build_web_compilers: ^0.3.0
  livereload: ^0.4.0

and run

pub get --no-precompile


pub run livereload

Then, browse your web app at http://localhost:8000.

If you are going to build an SPA, make sure to add a proper <base> so that your routing works.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

  <!-- <base> is needed. -->
  <base href="/">
  <script defer src="main.dart.js"></script>

  <!-- AngularDart with angular_router -->


Command Line Options

Most of the options replicate those of package: build_runner. You can config your build through build.yaml, the same way as you would do with package: build_runner.

pub run livereload [directory] [options]
  • If the directory is omitted, web will be served.
  • -l, --low-resources-mode: Reduces the amount of memory consumed by the build process.
  • -c, --config: Reads build.<name>.yaml instead of the default build.yaml.
  • --define: Sets the global options config for a builder by key. As an example, enabling the dart2js compiler would look like: --define "build_web_compilers|entrypoint=compiler=dart2js"
  • --hostname: Specifies the hostname to serve on. (defaults to "localhost")
  • --port: Changes the port number of the livereload server. (defaults to "8000")
  • --buildport: Changes the port number where build_runner serves. (defaults to "8080")
  • --websocketport: Changes the port number of the underlying websocket. (defaults to "4242")
  • --[no-]spa: Serves a single page application. This allows routes controlled by history API to be working. (defaults to on)

Further Configuration

This package is a shelf proxy server, so you can write your own .dart file which imports this library (docs) and add more middlewares to your heart's content.


API for the livereload server, designed with the need of customization in mind. [...]