Lookback iOS Flutter

Flutter plugin for the lookback iOS SDK


Lookback is a product tool that helps you engage your users while they use your product. To use Lookback on iOS you must use their SDK and add a small about of Objective-C/Swift code. This library allows you to add Lookback as a pub dependency in your Flutter app by adding 1 line in your pubspec.yaml and allows you to avoid writing any native code.

Why iOS only?

There is no Android part of this plugin because Lookback does not require an SDK on Android. Read more about that here.

How to use



  • x Pub package brings in Lookback CocoaPods
  • x Register openURL for starting a participate link session
  • Better docs
  • Publish on Dart Pub
  • Investigate approach for Custom View Names
  • Investigate approach for Private Views
  • Implement setupWithAppToken, shakeToRecord, feedbackBubbleVisible, etc