MapD driver for Dart.

Works both on server and in browser

Basic example

  var connector = new MapdConnectorConsole()
    ..url = 'http://localhost:9090'
    ..dbName = 'mapd'
    ..user = 'mapd'
    ..password = 'HyperInteractive';

  if (!await connector.connect()) {
    throw new Exception('Error connecting to MapD');
  var version = await connector.getVersion();
  print('Version: $version');

  var status = await connector.getServerStatus();
  print('Server status: $status');

////  Breaks with method not found
//  var memorySummary = await connector.getMemorySummary();
//  print('Memory summary: $memorySummary');

//  var memoryGPU = await connector.getMemoryGPU();
//  print('Memory GPU: $memoryGPU');

  var tables = await connector.getTables();
  print('Tables: $tables');

  var fields = await connector.getFields('flights_2008_10k');
  print('Fields for "tweets_nov_feb" table');
  for (var each in fields) {
    print('   col_name: ${each.col_name}, col_type: ${each.col_type}');

  const query = "SELECT carrier_name as key0, AVG(airtime) AS val FROM flights_2008_10k WHERE airtime IS NOT NULL GROUP BY key0 ORDER BY val DESC LIMIT 100";

  var queryResult = await connector.query(query);
  print('Query: $query');
  print('Query result:');
  for (var each in queryResult) {
    print('    $each');

  await connector.disconnect();