Dart Material SVG Icons

Optimized for Dart + SASS

Material Design Icons are the official open-source icons featured in the Google Material Design specification. This project provides this icon-set for Dart.

##What's cool## Googles original version comes "only" with black or white SVGs.
material_icons allows you to theme your icons!!!
Tested with Chrome, Safari, FF + IE.



  • Clone the "purple" example
  • Open this page
    • Use Chrome or Safari for this!
  • Click on icon that you want to include in your project
  • Copy the _material-icons.scss section
  • Paste it into your _material-icons.scss
@import 'packages/material_icons/sass/action/svg/production/ic_account_box_18px';

.bg-ic_account_box_18px {
    @include svg-background("18");
    @include svg-fallback("action/svg/production/ic_account_box_18px.svg","action/2x_web/ic_account_box_black_18dp.png","action/2x_web/ic_account_box_white_18dp.png","action/2x_web/ic_account_box_grey600_18dp.png");
    background-image: svg-ic_account_box_18px($icon-color);
  • Copy the index.html section
  • Paste it into your index.html
    <div class="bg-ic_favorite_24px svg-size-24 svg-bg"></div>
  • In main.scss define your icon-color: $icon-color : #9B30FF;
  • In web/styles: sass main.scss main.css -r ../packages/material_icons/sassext/urlencode.rb
  • and: autoprefixer main.css

Note: You may ask what the hack???? does that mean:
-r ../packages/material_icons/sassext/urlencode.rb
You are adding a custom ruby-function to sass - here it is urlencode(...).
The inline SVG get urlencoded and makes IE happy.

That's it.
Your page should look like this page

###Play with your index.html###

<body class="no-svg fallback-white">
    <div class="bg-ic_favorite_24px svg-size-24 svg-bg"></div>
    <div class="bg-ic_account_balance_24px svg-size-24 svg-bg fallback-grey"></div>
    <div class="bg-ic_accessibility_48px svg-size-48 svg-bg"></div>

no-svg - turns off svg and uses png's instead
fallback-white | fallback-black | fallback-grey - PNG color to use
This option can also be specified per div (line 3).

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


Copyright 2015 Michael Mitterer (office@mikemitterer.at),
IT-Consulting and Development Limited, Austrian Branch

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


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software distributed under the License is distributed on an
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governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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