A math library for parsing and evaluating expressions in real, interval and vector contexts. Also supports simplification and differentiation.

It is partly inspired by mathExpr for Java.

Note: This library is still in an early state, the test coverage is not perfect, the performance is not optimized and some features are still unimplemented. Most REAL and basic INTERVAL and VECTOR evaluations should work though. Suggestions and pull requests are always welcome!


  • Parsing, simplification and differentiation of mathematical expressions.
  • Evaluation of expressions in various modes (Real, Vector, Interval).
  • Supporting most basic functions out of the box.
  • Well documented.

What's not working yet?

  • Some evaluations in vector and interval space (especially functions).
  • Parser only works for real numbers.
  • Complex numbers.


See the DartDocs and the example code. For even more details, have a look into the unit tests.


1. Expression creation and evaluation

This example shows how to evaluate

Equation 1

for xy

Build the expression

You can either create an mathematical expression programmatically or parse a string.

  • Create the expression programmatically:
  Variable x = new Variable('x'), y = new Variable('y');
  Power xSquare = new Power(x, 2);
  Cos yCos = new Cos(y);
  Number three = new Number(3.0);
  Expression exp = (xSquare + yCos) / three;
  • Create the expression via the parser:
  Parser p = new Parser();
  Expression exp = p.parse("(x^2 + cos(y)) / 3");

Evaluate the expression

  • Bind variables and evaluate the expression as real number:
  // Bind variables:
  ContextModel cm = new ContextModel();
  cm.bindVariable(x, new Number(2.0));
  cm.bindVariable(y, new Number(Math.PI));
  // Evaluate expression:
  double eval = exp.evaluate(EvaluationType.REAL, cm);

  print(eval) // = 1.0

2. Expression simplification and differentiation

This example shows how to simplify and differentiate

Example 2

  • Expressions can be simplified and differentiated with respect to a given variable:
  Expression exp = p.parse("x*1 - (-5)");

  print(exp);            // = ((x * 1.0) - -(5.0))
  print(exp.simplify()); // = (x + 5.0)

  Expression expDerived = exp.derive('x');
  print(expDerived);            // = (((x * 0.0) + (1.0 * 1.0)) - -(0.0))
  print(expDerived.simplify()); // = 1.0

3. More Examples

For a simple CLI evaluator, see cli_evaluator.dart. To run the sample CLI evaluator:

dart example/cli_evaluator.dart

For more example code, see example.dart.

math_expressions is distributed under the MIT license as described in the LICENSE file.


A math library for parsing and evaluating expressions in real, interval and vector contexts. It also supports simplification and differentiation of expressions. [...]