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MobX for the Dart language.

Supercharge the state-management in your Dart apps with Transparent Functional Reactive Programming (TFRP)

Building blocks


  • x Create Observable<T> via Observable<T>()
  • x Create ObservableList<T>
    • observe and intercept
    • onBecomeObserved and onBecomeUnobserved
  • Create ObservableMap<K, T>
  • x Atoms with Atom()

Computed Observables

  • x Create Computed<T> via Computed<T>()
  • x 2-phase change propagation


  • x Create Reaction with autorun()
    • x with delay
  • x Create Reaction with reaction()
    • x with delay
    • x with fireImmediately
  • x Create Reaction with when()
    • x when with timeout
    • x when() returning Future<T>


  • x Create Action with Action()
  • x Execute within runInAction
  • x Create untracked-action with untracked<T>()
  • x Create transaction with transaction<T>()

Cross cutting features

  • x Observability API for Observable and Computed
    • x observe
    • x intercept
    • x onBecomeObserved
    • x onBecomeUnobserved
  • Spying and Tracing
  • x Exception handling and Error recovery
    • x onReactionError on the context for catching global errors
    • x onError handler for reactions
    • x disableErrorBoundaries option for the reactive context
  • Debuggability

Public facing

  • x Logo
  • Documentation
  • Website (published on


MobX is a library for reactively managing the state of your applications. [...]