Node.js Interop for Dart

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This package provides Node.js interoperability for Dart.


If you plan to play with the sources, you will also need the latest Grinder version.

Installing via Pub

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  js: *
  nodejs_interop: *

2. Install it

Install this package and its dependencies from a command prompt:

$ pub get

3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'dart:js_util';
import 'package:js/js.dart';
import 'package:nodejs_interop/nodejs_interop.dart';


  • I/O support: file, socket, HTTP, and other I/O support for Node.js applications.
  • Node.js modules: support for interoperating with Node.js APIs.
  • npm packages: support for interoperating with a predefined set of npm packages.
  • Pub transformer: automate the addition of a Node.js preamble to build assets.


The following projects use this library to provide cross-platform features:

Unit tests

In order to run the tests, you must install the Node.js test dependencies by running the following command:

$ npm install

Then, you can launch the test runner from the command prompt:

$ pub run test

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Node.js Interop for Dart is distributed under the MIT License.


Provides interoperability for Node.js applications.
Provides a Pub transformer for Node.js applications.