Flutter Notification Permissions

Package to check for and ask for Notification Permissions on iOS and Android.

To use this package, you first must create an instance of NotificationPermissions:

var permissionManager = new NotificationPermissions();

Checking Notification Permission Status

Future<PermissionStatus> permissionStatus =

This method will return an enum with the following values:

enum PermissionStatus {

In iOS, a permission is unknown when the user hasn’t accepted or refuse the notification permissions. In Android this state will never occur, since the permission will be granted by default and it will be denied if the user goes to the app settings and turns off notifications for the app.

Requesting Notification Permissions

If the PermissionStatus is denied or unknown, we can ask the user for the Permissions:

Future<PermissionStatus> permissionStatus = permissionManager.getNotificationPermissionStatus()

On Android, if the permission is denied, this method will open the app settings.

In iOS, if the permission is unknown, it will show an alert window asking the user for the permission. On the other hand, if the permission is denied it has the same behaviour as Android, opening the app settings.

Note: if the permission is granted, this method will not do anything.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to fedecastelli for helping me in the Swift Code!