np8080 0.0.26

NP8080 is a simple notepad type app for the web with some text processing features. It is lightweight and fast to load. 100% functionality when offline so great for Chromebooks.

NP8080 Screenshot

I use it daily as a scratchpad, a markdown editor and for notes. Particularly handy when working in the context of a web browser as switching tabs is far smoother than switching applications.

You can try it out here.

Feature requests, bug reports and pull requests welcome!

Development Details

NP8080 is written in Angular Dart and can be hosted on any web server as it is client-side. Find out more about Dart.

Build Status

Run tests with (note tests mostly moved to sub-packages):

  • pub run test -p chrome

Run in development with:

  • pub serve

Build for deployment with:

  • pub build --mode=release --output=build

Check source code formatting:

  • dartfmt -n .