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Plugin that allows you to get precise time from Network Time Protocol (NTP). It implements whole NTP protocol in dart.

This is useful for time-based events since DateTime.now() returns the time of the device. Users sometimes change their internal clock and using DateTime.now() can give wrong result. You can just get clock offset NTP.getNtpTime and apply it manually to DateTime.now() object when needed (just add offset as milliseconds duration), or you can get already formatted DateTime object from NTP.now.

By default lookup address for NTP is: pool.ntp.org

For example on how to use look in github library repository example/ folder.

How it works

Using int offset from getNtpTime()

  • default localTime is DateTime.now()
  • default lookUpAddress is 'pool.ntp.org'
  • default port is 123
  DateTime startDate = new DateTime().now().toLocal();
  int offset = await NTP.getNtpTime(localTime: startDate);
  print('NTP DateTime offset align: ${startDate.add(new Duration(milliseconds: offset))}');

Using DateTime from now

  DateTime startDate = await NTP.now();
  print('NTP DateTime: ${startDate}');

NTP Functions

  Future<int> getNtpTime({
    String lookUpAddress: 'pool.ntp.org',
    int port: 123,
    DateTime localTime,
  Future<DateTime> now();