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Simple, robust framework for creating discord bots for Dart.
Fork of Hackzzila's nyx - extended with new functionality, few bug fixes, applied pending pull requests.


  • Commands framework
    Faster way of creating commands for bot. You just have to implement one class, and initialize framework. Everything is done automatically.
  • Cross Platform
    Nyxx works on the command line, browser, mobile, and can be transpiled to JavaScript.
  • Fine Control
    Nyxx allows you to control every outgoing HTTP request or websocket messages.
  • Internal Sharding
    Nyxx automatically spawns shards for your bot, but you can override this and spawn a custom number of shards. Internal sharding means that all of your bots servers are managed in one script, no need for communication between shards.
  • Complete
    Nyxx support nearly all DiscordAPI endpoints.

Documentation and examples


Latest docs for newest release.

Dev docs

My website has docs for latests commits - You can read about incoming changes


Wiki docs are designed to match latest release.


  • Better dartdocs documentation
  • More examples at wiki/more tutorial/Video tutorial
  • Bigger bot written in nyxx for example
  • Fix lint errors from dartanalyzer
  • Annotation driver flow for CommandsFramework?
  • Recheck all code and fix styling/small logic bugs