Easy to use this library to build a network image widget, you can build different layouts according to the error/load, also set up the image cache delegate.


  1. add to your pubspec.yaml
ok_image: ^0.0.3
  1. import
import "package:ok_image/ok_image.dart";
  1. use
import "package:ok_image/ok_image.dart";
  return OKImage(
      url: "https://ws1.sinaimg.cn/large/844036b9ly1fxfo76hzd4j20zk0nc48i.jpg",
      width: 200,
      height: 200,
      timeout: Duration(seconds: 20),
      fit: fit,
  1. params
url: image net url
width: width
height: height
fit: show BoxFit
followRedirects: whether image redirection is allowed.
loadingWidget: display on loading
errorWidget: display when image load error / timeout.
retry: retry to load image count.
timeout: timeout duration.
onErrorTap: when loadErrorWidget show ,onTap it.
cacheDelegate: you can use the param to delegate loadImage

about other library

This library uses http as a framework for network access.
Using rxdart processing logic

thanks to open source.