OpenCage Data Geocoding Library for Dart

A Dart package that provides geocoding and reverse geocoding of locations using the OpenCage Geocoder geocoder.


A simple usage example:

var geocoder = new Geocoder("YOUR_KEY");
var response = await geocoder.geocode("rennes");
// Or
response = await geocoder.reverseGeocode(2.3514992, 48.8566101);

You can also add one of the named parameter (language, countryCode, bounds, abbrv, limit, minConfidence, noAnnotations, noDedupe, noRecord, addRequest) :

var response = await geocoder.geocode("rennes", limit: 2, countryCode: "fr");


Contributions are welcome! If you find a bug please report it and if you want a feature please report it.

If you want to contribute code please file an issue and create a branch off of the current dev branch and file a pull request.


MIT © Aloïs Deniel


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