parse_connect package for Flutter

Parse_Connect is a package that provides Parse client functionality for Flutter. It is currently based on , and developed against, a Parse server setup on Back4App. This first release is limited and provides basic functionality for:

  • Object
  • User
  • Function

With it you should be able to create, edit, update and delete Objects as well as signing up, updating, deleting and logging on Users. And with the 0.0.9 update also call a cloud function.

This is currently Work in Progress and the API's are subject to updates and modifications as they are developed and refined.



Added the ability to execute cloud functions. This is simply done using api.function({functionName}).execute({params to pass function}). There is shown in the example app.


Updated the user validate() method to automatically set the sessionToken if it is valid


Modified login & logout to automatically track the user sessionToken.


This update fixes an issue that manifested itself when logging different users in and out on the same device. As the headers Map was final each call added to the header params which meant when logging in, then out, then in as a different user the old sessionToken remained and caused an Invalid SessionToken error.

Each base call now uses a master copy of the headers map so only the basic headers and the additional ones required for the specific call are passed.


This now has 2 additional methods added to the User object

  • validate(sessionToken)
  • logout(sessionToken)

Example Usage

As I eat my own dog food (never did like that phrase, but it kinda fits) I will put some code snippets on the project Wiki here.

Getting Started

For package install see here.

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online documentation.




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