pub package

A flutter api for photo, you can get image/video from ios or android

一个提供相册 api 的插件, android ios 可用,没有 ui,以便于自定义自己的界面, 你可以通过提供的 api 来制作图片相关的 ui 或插件

or use photo library , a multi image picker .All UI comes from flutter.

api changed

in 0.1.0 API incompatibility

because support video, so rename api from ImageXXXX to AssetXXXX

so 0.1.X and 0.0.X incompatibility


  photo_manager: ^0.1.3


import 'package:photo_manager/photo_manager.dart';


see the example/lib/main.dart

or see next


  1. you must requestPermission
var result = await PhotoManager.requestPermission();
if(result == true){
    // success
    // fail
  1. you get all of asset list(gallery)
List<AssetPathEntity> list = await PhotoManager.getAssetPathList();
  1. get asset list from imagePath
List<AssetEntity> imageList = await data.assetList;
  1. use the AssetEntity
AssetEntity entity = imageList[0];

File file = await entity.file; // image file

List<int> fileData = await entity.fullData; // image/video file bytes

Uint8List thumbBytes = await entity.thumbData; // thumb data ,you can use Image.memory(thumbBytes); size is 64px*64px;

Uint8List thumbDataWithSize = await entity.thumbDataWithSize(width,height); //Just like thumbnails, you can specify your own size. unit is px;

AssetType type = entity.type; // the type of asset enum of other,image,video