Use Google Play Games Services on your Flutter app; this allows for signin and achievements so far, but more additions are very welcome. If you like it, give us a star and feel free to help and contribute.

Part 1: Sign In

Call the sign in method to sign in; you must check if the login was successufully.

    SigninResult result = await PlayGames.signIn();
    if (result.success) {
      await PlayGames.setPopupOptions();
      this.account = result.account;
    } else {
      this.error = result.message;
    this.loading = false;

But don't think it will be that easy! Actually, GPGS signin is quite a hassle to do, but this tutorial should help you out with this nefarious task.

Reasons for failure will be specified in the error property. Otherwhise, you can access the account property to get the account.

Part 2: Achievements

You can both award achievements (unlock/increment) and show the Achievements screen in your game.

In order to unlock or increment an achievement, use the provided APIs:


This is async and you wait for the return if desired. The name is the name in your games-ids.xml file, you can also call the by id method.

Also, there is a method to display a popup with your achievements:


Again, this is async and returns only when the player closes the popup. So maybe you want to pause your game until that happens.