If you're using PokemonGo-Bot to level multiple accounts, you might have noticed that the dev branch changes quite often the structure of the configuration files.

Now I've made this to update my files easily when the structure changed.


The account file

You need to have an account json file like this one:

  "global": {
    "gmapkey": "sample_gmapkey",
    "password": "sample_password",
    "location_cache": false,
    "longer_eggs_first": false,
    "use_lucky_egg": false,
    "max_steps": 12,
    "walk": 4.16
  "accounts": [
      "filename": "sample_filename",
      "auth_service": "sample_auth_service",
      "username": "sample_username",
      "location": "someX,someY"
      "filename": "sample_filename2",
      "auth_service": "sample_auth_service2",
      "username": "sample_username2",
      "location": "someX,someY"

Put it in /path/to/PokemonGo-Bot/configs. You can then fill it with each bot's information. The "Global" section will be applied to all configurations.

__ NOTE: The currently supported keys are strictly in the provided JSON above. More keys will come. __


__ You need to have Google Dart installed. __

  • From the terminal run this:

pub global activate pogogen

  • Still in the terminal, from your PokemonGo-Bot directory, you'll need to type:


  • For more options use pogogen --help.
  • By default it'll use configs/config.json.pokemon.example as its template.