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Dart polymer wrappers for paper-typeahead-input Polymer elements. Thanks to Tianxiang Zhang for the original polymer.


Import the element dart as normal, but note the target dart differes from the package name, in order to keep consistency with the polymer element.

import 'package:polymer_paper_typeahead_input/paper_typeahead_input.dart';

Within html, the component is named 'paper-typeahead-input'.


Examples may be served in debug/release mode via pub.

pub serve examples


The original polymer tests are in the process of being ported. The ported tests can be run as normal dart tests. For example, to run on dartium (default): pub run test As usual, tests can be run on other platforms with -p<platform>

To run tests as javascript, the pub serve and test execution must be performed separately. Run pub serve test --port=8080 from one terminal and pub run test -pchrome --pub-serve=8080 from a second.

Note that tests are specifically blocked from running on Firefox currently in order to utilize Travis CI.


Although not necessary for normal use, this package can be rebuilt from the original polymer source using the procedure below. The specific version used as a basis can be specified in bower.json.

  1. Fetch the polymer element source and deps
bower install
  1. Build the Dart wrapper API
pub run custom_element_apigen:update paper_typeahead_input_dart.yaml

For more information on using custom_element_apigen, see pub.dartlang.org/packages/custom_element_apigen


Dart API for the polymer element paper_typeahead_input.