names library


The Dart member names in a GeneratedMessage subclass for one protobuf field.


checkItem → const String
A Dart function called on each item added to a repeated list to check its type and range.


forbiddenExtensionNames List<String>
reservedEnumNames Set<String>
Returns the set of names reserved by the ProtobufEnum class and its generated subclasses.
reservedMemberNames List<String>
toplevelReservedCapitalizedNames List<String>
Names that would collide with capitalized core Dart names as top-level identifiers.


avoidInitialUnderscore(String input) String
Move any initial underscores in input to the end. [...]
defaultSuffixes() Iterable<String>
disambiguateName(String name, Set<String> usedNames, Iterable<String> suffixes, { List<String> generateVariants(String candidate) }) String
Returns a name that is not contained in usedNames by suffixing it with the first possible suffix from suffixes. [...]
enumSuffixes() Iterable<String>
extensionClassName(FileDescriptorProto descriptor, Set<String> usedNames) String
Chooses the name of the Dart class holding top-level extensions.
extensionName(FieldDescriptorProto descriptor, Set<String> usedNames) String
Chooses the Dart name of an extension.
extensionSuffixes() Iterable<String>
legalDartIdentifier(String imput) String
Replaces all characters in imput that are not valid in a dart identifier with _. [...]
messageMemberNames(DescriptorProto descriptor, String parentClassName, Set<String> usedTopLevelNames, { Iterable<String> reserved: const [] }) MemberNames
Chooses the GeneratedMessage member names for each field and names associated with each oneof declaration. [...]
messageOrEnumClassName(String descriptorName, Set<String> usedNames, { String parent: '' }) String
Chooses the name of the Dart class to generate for a proto message or enum. [...]
oneofEnumClassName(String descriptorName, Set<String> usedNames, String parentName) String
singleQuote(String input) String
Returns input surrounded by single quotes and with all '$'s escaped.
underscoresToCamelCase(dynamic s) String

Exceptions / Errors