A command line tool that uses the Reddit API to track popularity of a keyword. The tool is currently focused on tracking developer technologies, such as programming languages, frameworks or IDEs.


  1. Make sure you have Dart installed and it's in your path.
  2. Run pub global activate reddit_crawl.

Example usage

To get data for "dart" for the past 3 months (default), run this:

$ reddit_crawl dart

This will fetch the data and it will create 2 sets of files in the current working directory:

  1. output-dart-2018-01-01 (.json and .tsv) with the results of this run
    • This is useful for 'point in time' view and for backup of previous runs.
  2. output-dart-all (.json and .tsv) with the results of this run merged with whatever was there previously
    • This is your 'tracking' output that you can update with latest Reddit buzz as time progresses.

The JSON files include all the data received from Reddit API. The TSV file is useful for copypasting into spreadsheets and includes only a subset of the data and some helper columns.

Advanced usage

Run the tool without parameters to get help.

$ reddit_crawl
Exactly one argument is requred: a name of a technology.

Additional options:
-v, --verbose    Verbose mode.
    --months     Number of months to crawl in reverse chronological order.
                 (defaults to "3")

    --mobile     Use additional subreddits that specialize in mobile development.
    --web        Use additional subreddits that specialize in web development.

To get all mentions of "vim" on major Reddit programming forums, including mobile- and web-focused ones, from the past 6 years (6 * 12 = 72 months), use:

$ reddit_crawl --months 72 --mobile --web vim 

Later, you can just run reddit_crawl --mobile --web vim to update your output-vim-all files with the latest submissions.