Automatically reloads your command line application when changes to files are detected. Monitoring occurs on files within the current path, recursively.

Check the documentation for extra functionality using the API.

Revolver was influenced by Nodemon.


pub global activate revolver


revolver options... application application arguments...
$ revolver --help
-e, --ext                 Watch only the specified extensions.
-w, --working-dir         Overrides the current working directory,.
                          (defaults to "/files/projects/dart/revolver")

-p, --use-polling         Using file polling, rather than file system events, to detect file changes.
-h, --help                Displays this help information.
-g, --[no-]git            Ignores git files and respects the contents of .gitignore.
                          (defaults to on)

-d, --[no-]ignore-dart    Ignore dart project files.
                          (defaults to on)


$ revolver --ext="dart,yaml,conf" application.dart
Start.     application.dart
Modified.  application.dart
Reload.    application.dart
$ revolver --git bin/server.dart -p 8080
Start.     bin/server.dart
New File.  bin/test1
Reload.    bin/server.dart
Deleted.   bin/test1
Reload.    bin/server.dart