A Dart implementation of Sass specifically for Dart. Sass makes CSS fun again in Dart. This is the dart-sass source code with a patch applied that permits users to place their scss/sass files in the /lib folder and import them using 'package:', just like Dart. This also works on third-party source code.

Using Sass4Dart

There are a few different ways to install and run Dart Sass, depending on your environment and your needs.

From Pub

If you're a Dart user, you can install Dart Sass globally using pub global activate sass ^0.0.9, which will provide a sass4dart executable.

From Source

Assuming you've already checked out this repository:

  1. 'git checkout sass4dart/release'

  2. Install Dart. If you download it manually, make sure the SDK's bin directory is on your PATH.

  3. In this repository, run pub get. This will install Sass4Dart's dependencies.

  4. 'cd' into the directory containing the '.packages' file.

  5. Run dart path/to/sass4dart/bin/sass4dart.dart path/to/file.scss.