A simple design library for Flutter.

This package includes:

  • Premade themes, dark and light brightness
  • Several custom Simple Design widgets, serving the original design idea.

Link to the example images:

For general design advice I used the Material Design Specifications from


I recommend using the free-for-commercial font "HK Grotesk", which is used in the example and also defined as the standart font in the themes.

But really and sans-serif, geometric or grotesk typeface should work well (for example Lineto Circular).

SDAppBar and SDSliverAppBar

These two widgets are meant to be used instead of the regular AppBar/SliverAppBar. They use certain styling that otherwise would have to be applied to every AppBar in your app.

They are customizable with title, leading, actions, bottom, automaticallyImplyLeading and flexibeSpace. The other values are not customizable to not negatively impact the appearance of your app.

SDAppBar and SDSliverAppBar

SDDialog with SDDismissButton and SDActionButton

This is a custom dialog and should be used in the showDialog() method instead of AlertDialog or SimpleDialog. It can be given values for title, content, a SDDismissButton for a dismiss button, a SDActionButton for an action button and a bool barrierDismissable, which is not yet working.

The SDDismissButton and SDActionButton should be self-explaining.

SDDialog with SDDismissButton and SDActionButton

SDDivider and SDSectionHeader

Designed for the use in Colums and Lists, the SDDivider provides a vertical padding of 36.0 pixels, which is recommended, but can be customized with the height property.

The SDSectionHeader is to be used below a SDDivider to announce the title of a new section, as it can be seen in the example application.



The SDCard widget is a highly customizable card, with options for mediaContent, content, title, subtitle, actions and backgroundColor. It has a slight shadow underneath and is best used in Colums and Lists.





Built-in types and core primitives for a Flutter application. [...]


Support for asynchronous programming, with classes such as Future and Stream. [...]
Classes and utilities that supplement the collection support in dart:core. [...]
Encoders and decoders for converting between different data representations, including JSON and UTF-8. [...]
Built-in types, collections, and other core functionality for every Dart program. [...]
Interact with developer tools such as the debugger and inspector. [...]
Mathematical constants and functions, plus a random number generator. [...]
Lists that efficiently handle fixed sized data (for example, unsigned 8 byte integers) and SIMD numeric types. [...]


File, socket, HTTP, and other I/O support for non-web applications. [...]
Concurrent programming using isolates: independent workers that are similar to threads but don't share memory, communicating only via messages. [...]