Smart Arrays Base

What the package can do for you

This package provides basic functionalities for one- and two-dimensional arrays (vectors and matrices).

The major API functionalities

  • class Array1D: This class provides utility functions for 1D arrays (vectors):

    • adding arrays with various options
    • Finding the minimum or maximum values with various options
    • splitting, shuffling, swapping and extracting given index ranges
    • extending with zeroes, cutting
  • class Array2D:This class provides utility functions for 2D arrays (matrices):

    • Extracting rows, columns, appending rows
    • Extracting sub-matrices, building envelopes
    • Computing projections or sums over rows or columns
    • Swapping or reversing rows
    • Finding minimum or maximum values

Detailed API

Please view the detailed API documentation in the API reference of this package (sidebar at the right of this page).

Using this package

You need Dart 2.0 or later.

Import the package using:

  • import 'package:smart_arrays_base/smart_arrays_base.dart';

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