** This is a fork of the original SQLJocky. The goal is to maintain SqlJocky2 and give Dart a proper MySQL connector **

This is a MySQL connector for the Dart programming language. It isn't finished, but should work for most normal use. The API is getting reasonably close to where I want it to be now, so hopefully there shouldn't be too many breaking changes in the future.

It will only work in the command-line VM, not in a browser.


The changelog has now been moved to CHANGELOG.md


Create a connection pool:

var pool = new ConnectionPool(
    host: 'localhost', port: 3306,
    user: 'bob', password: 'wibble',
    db: 'stuff', max: 5);

Execute a query:

var results = await pool.query('select name, email from users');

Use the results: (Note: forEach is asynchronous.)

results.forEach((row) {
  print('Name: ${row[0]}, email: ${row[1]}');

Or access the fields by name:

results.forEach((row) {
  print('Name: ${row.name}, email: ${row.email}');

Prepare a query:

var query = await pool.prepare(
  'insert into users (name, email, age) values (?, ?, ?)');

Execute the query:

var result = await query.execute(['Bob', 'bob@bob.com', 25]);

An insert query's results will be empty, but will have an id if there was an auto-increment column in the table:

print("New user's id: ${result.insertId}");

Execute a query with multiple sets of parameters:

var results = await query.executeMulti([['Bob', 'bob@bob.com', 25],
    ['Bill', 'bill@bill.com', 26],
    ['Joe', 'joe@joe.com', 37]]);

Use the list of results:

for (result in results) {
  print("New user's id: ${result.insertId}");

Use a transaction:

var trans = await pool.startTransaction();
var result = await trans.query('...');
await trans.commit();


To run the examples and tests, you'll need to create a 'connection.options' file by copying 'connection.options.example' and modifying the settings.


It is released under the GPL, because it uses a modified part of mysql's include/mysql_com.h in constants.dart, which is licensed under the GPL. I would prefer to release it under the BSD Licence, but there you go.

The Name

It is named after Jocky Wilson, the late, great darts player. (Hence the lack of an 'e' in Jocky.)

Things to do

  • Compression
  • More connection pool management (close after timeout, change pool size...)
  • Better handling of various data types, especially BLOBs, which behave differently when using straight queries and prepared queries.
  • Implement the rest of mysql's commands
  • Handle character sets properly? Currently defaults to UTF8 for the connection character set. Is it necessary to support anything else?
  • Improve performance where possible
  • Geometry type
  • Decimal type should probably use a bigdecimal type of some sort
  • MySQL 4 types (old decimal, anything else?)
  • Test against multiple mysql versions