StackOverlay Widget plugin for Flutter

StackOverlay is a widget that will uses 2 stacked screens(widgets). The foreground widget is overlayed over the background one and can be hidden or shown depending on a boolean value passed to the StackOverlay widget, just take a look at the example for more details.

Originally designed to provide as a way of forcing a "login" screen to automatically be shown should a user not be logged in(to whatever service) then dismissed once the user has logged in.

The widget takes 3 values

  • background - this is the background widget (usually the main screen)
  • foreground - this is the dismissable foreground widget( for example a Login screen)
  • showForeground - a boolean to indicate if the foreground widget should be shown or hidden (defaults to false if not provided)

Demo Screen

More info can be found here.

Using StackOverlay

Take a look at the plugin installation instructions.

Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online documentation.