cd flutter_video_launcher/example
flutter packages get
flutter run



To use this plugin, add video_launcher as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

After importing 'package:video_launcher/video_launcher.dart' the directories can be queried as follows

Remote video

To launch a video :

Future<Null> _launch(String url) async {
    if (await canLaunchVideo(url)) {
      await launchVideo(url);
    } else {
      throw 'Could not launch $url';

Local video

To play a local video file :

Future<Null> _launch(String url) async {
    if (await canLaunchVideo(url, isLocal:true)) {
      await launchVideo(url, isLocal:true);
    } else {
      throw 'Could not launch $url';

Embedded asset

To play video embedded assets, you can copy them to the app storage folder, and the play them "locally"

void _loadOrLaunchLocalAsset() =>
      localAssetPath != null ? _launchLocalAsset() : copyLocalAsset();

Future copyLocalAsset() async {
  final dir = await getApplicationDocumentsDirectory();
  final file = new File("${dir.path}/video_asset.mp4");
  final videoData = await rootBundle.load("assets/video.mp4");
  final bytes = videoData.buffer.asUint8List();
  file.writeAsBytes(bytes, flush: true);
    setState(() {
    localAssetPath = file.path;

void _launchLocalAsset() =>
  setState(() => _launched = _launchVideo(localAssetPath, isLocal: true));

Please see the example app of this plugin for a full example.

:warning: iOS App Transport Security

By default iOS forbids loading from non-https url. To cancel this restriction edit your .plist and add :


cf. Configuring App Transport Security Exceptions in iOS


If you get a MissingPluginException, try to flutter build apk on Android, or flutter build ios

Getting Started

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