Wilt - both a browser and server based CouchDB client library


Wilt is based on the lightweight SAG PHP CouchDB library available here. Users of this library should recognise the structure of Wilt easily. A common processing body is specialised by the use of browser(dart:html) or server(dart:io) HTTP adapters to allow operation in the browser or the server.

Wilt implements the document/attachment/database storage and manipulation interfaces of SAG along with the utility functions such as get session information etc. It does not directly implement the manipulation of design documents, clients however can manipulate these items by constructing their own URL's and using the basic httpRequest method.

Asynchronicity through the HTTP adapter is provided by the use of a standard Dart futures based interface or by using client supplied completion callbacks.

Authentication is provided using the Basic HTML method, cookie authentication is not supported, see the CouchDB_and CORS.txt document in the doc directory for more details here.

Wilt is a fully functional standalone library, however it is envisaged that higher level client specific application layers will be wrapped around Wilt to add specific CouchDB response parsing as Wilt returns JSON Objects(or strings) to the client. It has no knowledge of correct/incorrect responses such as conflict errors for instance, i.e it has no real CouchDB intelligence other than supplying success or error responses from its HTTP interface adapter.

Please read the STARTHERE.txt document in the docs directory for more detailed information.


Numerous examples of Wilt usage in both browser and server environments are coded as tests in the unit test suite under the test directory. Please read the Testing.txt document in doc/testing for further details.


Wilt is hosted here. Please use github to raise issues, any other queries you can direct to me at steve.hamblett@linux.com